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Lovol Crawler, 2.0m Cutting Width, 88HP Rice Combine Harvester

Lovol Crawler, 2.0m Cutting Width, 88HP Rice Combine Harvester

Harvester, Tractor, Loader manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Lovol Crawler, 2.0m Cutting Width, 88HP Rice Combine Harvester, Foton Lovol Tractor CBJ30-F14L Gear Pump (FT254.58.010), Foton Lovol Backhoe, Tractor Implements, 450-580kg and so on.

Technical Parameters

Basic Info
  • Model NO.: AF88

  • Application: Rice, Wheat, Soybean

  • Harvest method: Vibration fall

  • Transmission: Soft Shaft

  • Color: Red

  • Application Field: Agriculture

  • Specification: High

  • HS Code: 84335100

  • Type: Horizontal Cut Harvester

  • Power Source: Diesel

  • Drive Type: Gear Drive

  • Portable Harvester Type: Self-Propelled

  • Condition: New

  • Trademark: Foton lovol

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Lovol Crawler, 2.0m Cutting Width, 88HP Rice Combine Harvester
AF88 is a universal combined harvester applicable for all the landforms and with such advantages as high operating efficiency, complete cleaning, good anti-bogging performance, excellent lodging effect and multi-purpose function.

Operating condition: paddy field and dry farmland; it can be hooked with the oilseed or corn header.
Applicable region: Asia Pacific, Europe and America, Latin America, Africa and other regions.

Selling Points

High operating efficiency

1. The operating speed of RG40 is fastener than other vehicles of same kind by more than 10-15%, especially on the large field.

2. The Lovol Gushen RG40 rice harvester is equipped with the Deutz engine with leading technology in Europe or the optimized and upgraded Quanchai engine. It is featured by strong power, large power margin, low fuel consumption and small vibration.

3.RG40 is equipped with 65 gearbox so its operating and running speed is faster than the competitive products by 10%.

4.The length of drum of RG40 is up to 1954mm, longer than other products of same kind by 10%. RG40 has the strong threshing and separating capacity and its threshing efficiency is highest among the vehicles of same kind.

Complete cleaning
1.RG40 has been verified by the harvesting of rice, wheat, oilseed and other crops in different regions that it has the good adaptability and can ensure the complete cleaning.

2.The angle of upper sieve can be adjusted from 0° to 90°, ensuring the uniform material distribution and the good cleaning effect.

3.The threshing concave grid plate is heightened, avoiding the hard piling of japonica rice.

Strong adaptability
1.The vehicle has the strong anti-bogging performance, good lodging effect and multi-purpose function

2.The ground clearance is increase and the muffler is heightened, ensuring the better passing performance.

3.The header is extended and the feeding auger speed is quickened, guaranteeing the good harvesting of laid crops.

4. The different headers can be installed to harvest the wheat, soybean, oilseed and other crops.
platform Single longitudinal axial flow
Product series RG series
DV01 DV02
Product model 4LZ-4G1 4LZ-4G1
Sale identification code RG40 RG40
Performance parameters Vehicle dimension Length (mm) 5000 5000
Width (mm) 2350 2610
Height(mm) 2800 2800
Feeding speed (kg/s) 4.0 4.0
Gross weight (kg) 2950 2990
Dynamic parameters Engine manufacturer and specification Emission standard (number of cylinders) China State II/I (4 cylinders)
Configuration 1 Quanchai 4C6-88M22 (65kW/2400r/min)
Configuration 2 Dachai CA498Z
Configuration 3 Xinchai A498Z
Capacity of fuel tank, L 95
Header parameters Cutting width, mm Basic equipment 2000 2200
Optional equipment Oilseed header Oilseed header
Width of intermediate transmission shaft, mm 550 550
Auxiliary functions and accessories
(inverted intermediate transmission shaft, dust collection fan)
Inverted intermediate transmission shaft Inverted intermediate transmission shaft
Chassis parameters Drive axle/ gearbox Configuration 1
Configuration 2
Track distance, mm 1150 1150
Crawler width (mm) x pitch (mm) x number of sections Configuration  400×90×51
Min. ground clearance 260 260
Drive method of chassis Configuration  Hydraulic steppless speed change
HST model/ displacement Sauer 32
Optional equipment Liyuan /KYB37
Steering method Configuration  3-speed mechanical 3-speed mechanical
Cleaning and threshing system Threshing and separating device Configuration form
Configuration for wheat and rice
Configuration for oilseed Concave plate for oilseed Concave plate for oilseed
Size of drum, mm
Type of cleaning sieve Structure of screen box Double-deck vibrating sieve
Configuration 1 Vibrating sieve+ lower punched sieve
Cleaning width, mm 840 840
Grain bin and unloading method Capacity of grain bin Configuration 1 Side mounted 1.1m³ Side mounted 1.1m³
Configuration 2 - -
Grain unloading method Manual pick-up port
Simple unloading drum - -
hydraulic simple unloading

hydraulic horizontal unloading

hydraulic lifting and rotating unloading

Battery/ voltage
Optional equipment Lower cutter


Straw breaker - -

Ordinary cab

Heated cab

Backup alarm/ grain full alarm





-Optional equipment


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