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Benefits Of Scientific Application!

Mingsin Machinery (Group) Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2016

The group carry even the role of microbial fertilizer, could radically change the nature of the soil and the soil environment, improvement of soil compaction and soil fertility, and help crops in the soil of organic or inorganic fertilizer utilization for rational use of fertilizers and fertilizer savings purposes, can be decomposed residues of pesticides in soil, to restore the antioxidant status. Biological fertilizer have not only solid solutions of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, can adjust the balance of acidity and alkalinity, promote soil aggregates and water retention, soil moisture, air permeability, increase crop disease resistance, insect resistance capabilities. Bio-synthesis of bacteria secrete organic acids, enzymes, active directly promote plant growth, and give full play to the potential yields of plants in a healthy state. Therefore, you must master the performance and usage of bio-fertilizer and microbial fertilizer manufacturers to teach you better use of microbial fertilizer:

1, biological fertilizer is suitable in the 15-35 ° c temperature rapid propagation, especially under the conditions of dry-wet alternate irrigation, can play a biological activity very well.

2, bio-fertilizer application in dryland water content should be between 30%-60%, bacteria multiply rapidly. Humidity is lower than 30% when applying and must be watered only ensure effective activity of bio-fertilizer can help crops absorb nutrients from the soil. Meanwhile, bio-fertilizer, a certain degree of drought resistance.

3, early in the crop sown in to do basic fertilizer use. The beneficial bacteria in bio-fertilizer can resist pests in the soil, to promote root growth, increase crop immunity, increase crop disease resistance, resilience, and on crop seedling growth very well.

4, bio-fertilizer, preferably in a cool application under suitable weather conditions. By 9 o'clock in the morning or after 4 o'clock in the afternoon, or cloudy day, as strong sunlight UV rays can affect bacterial fertilizer effect.

5, biological bacterial manure cannot be directly mixed with the fungicide. Spraying fungicide interval 5-7 day and then application of bio-bacterial manure to avoid fungicide activity of nutritional bio-fertilizer.

6, bio-fertilizer mixture fermented farmyard manure and fertilizer better. Biological bacterial manure after application may reduce the amount of fertilizer applied, but a bio-fertilizer, cannot substitute for fertilizer, need appropriate supplemental fertilizer. Farmyard manure is rich in organic matter, good composting and fertilizer application, can promote decomposition of organic matter, and promote better comprehensive nutrient absorption.

Bio-fertilizer applied in soil, an adaptation processes can reproduction, growth of activity, their effective period is 7-10 days later, can gradually balanced plant feed, play a role in effect up to 6-8 months.