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Granulator Equipment Considerations

Mingsin Machinery (Group) Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2016

Granulating machine simple and convenient application easier, scope, is favored by many businesses are a class of devices. But long-term use and maintain efficiency, maintenance is performed, granulator equipment should pay attention to what does?

First, we used granulation machine, note granulation machine is running in to avoid reverse, avoid cool machine running on an empty stomach, must heat the feeding operation, so as to avoid sticking bars (axle). Granulating machine inlet, into the metal and other debris in Whistler is prohibited. So as to avoid accidents, the impact of production.

In the second, to always pay attention to changes in body temperature with clean hands when touching the blade left, immediately warming. Until the cops left as normal. Reducer bearing parts burnt hands, or with noise should be timely maintenance, and added gas. Host Burns bearing House bearing parts at both ends burning hands or when there is noise, downtime and repair and add butter. Normal working hours, bearing housing with butter once every 5-6 days. Gallop, the fuselage, should pay attention to whether the gap check fit couplings tight, loose regulation in a timely manner.

Final note of compound fertilizer granulation machine boot as normal production of the device class needs to continuously heat temperature depending on the plastic adjustment for different properties. So before starting to warm up. Normal production requires constant replenishment heat temperature depending on the plastic adjustment for different properties. When the machine stops, host to completely cut off the power supply. Nose plugs must be off, staying separate preheating before next use.