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Harmless Treatment Of Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer Equipment Production Of Organic Fertilizer Which Subsidies Of The State!

Mingsin Machinery (Group) Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2016

Animal scale farming pollution control Ordinance (following referred to Ordinance) as China first Department national level of agricultural environmental protection class legal regulations, on animal stool, waste of utilization and incentive measures established has designed chapter, to "incentive, and support, and guide" health material resources utilization for fundamental way, proposed engaged in using animal farming waste for organic fertilizer products production business activities of, should enjoy national about tax and subsidies of offers policy.

These long-standing livestock manure and other waste the next change was not caused by the rational use of environment pollution situation provides a good legal system.

But for a long time farming the irrational planting and disjointed, lack of guidance and policy impact of historical conditions, use of livestock waste to produce organic fertilizer there are still some problems to be solved.

Composting early on what must be done?

First, the national guiding and supporting policy absence of organic fertilizer production and use are not enthusiastic. Due to animal stool, waste of resources density low, collection, and processing, and using, link of value-added space small, manufacturing, and purchase, and using poultry stool manufacturing organic fertilizer of offers policy insufficient, production and using who profit space small, even may lost money, benefits usually cannot and long-term enjoy more policy offers and support of fertilizer compared, led to animal stool, quality of fertilizer resources cannot get using, short-term within organic fertilizer production to formed produced, and for, and needed of balance. In short is the row of much less, use less.

Current woes mainly concentrated in 3 areas: one is the farming effect unreasonable, huge quantity of about 1.8 billion tons of manure per year, spatial heterogeneity and heterogeneity in time significantly, and long-term accumulation, leading to no animal manure storage, inability to dispose of, collect, transport.

Second is affected by an organic fertilizer production conditions of access restrictions and lack of incentives, and organic fertilizer production enterprises are unable to scale. Most organic fertilizer by farmers on their own production and selling, serious imbalance in the production of organic fertilizer.

Third, under the influence of traditional cultivation habits, farming, lack of trust in the organic fertilizer demand is too low. Although organic fertilizer to improve soil quality, reduce pollution, improve the quality of agricultural products have great benefits, but compared with the fertilizer, as work slow, low yields, and there is no policy of subsidies, leading to organic fertilizer market share is still very low.

The second, used in the production of organic fertilizer animal manure quality guarantee. Under the influence of feed and feeding methods, animal manure contains a certain amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, arsenic, chromium, copper, iron, zinc and other materials, and cleaning process of livestock and poultry farms in the detergents and disinfectants used in mixtures, untreated or improperly treated surface water, groundwater and soil contamination. So whether it is large-scale production or the production of organic fertilizer, harmless in the early handling of livestock manure should be an essential part of. China on the production of organic fertilizer animal manure early harmless treatment there is no uniform standards and technical specifications, make manure as fertilizers resources become waste, fertilizers "poison" is by no means alarmist talk.

Implementation of the Ordinance requires matching policies

First, through the promulgation of the regulations of Dongfeng, making full use of the provisions of the Ordinance, complement to strengthen financial support and policy related files and appraisal system. Although the regulations on livestock waste comprehensive utilization of proposed regulations, slow but if insufficient execution or supporting policies, will make comprehensive utilization of livestock waste only at the theoretical level, do not have access to the actual development may not achieve the desired results.

Second, draw perfect relevant livestock production control standards and technical specification of the organic fertilizer production. Improve livestock pollution control standards at the same time, development of livestock production control standards. Strict control of feed antibiotics, hormones, copper, zinc, and chromium, arsenic and other heavy metals used, reasonably determine the amount of feed, restricted substances, such as heavy metals from the source into the production process. In the strict implementation of the organic standards of the discharge standard of pollutants for livestock, and based on the standardized production of organic fertilizer.

In addition, promptly develop harmless treatment technology of waste, such as animal manure early, due to lower production of access conditions to encourage large-scale farming produce, and dissolve the surrounding livestock waste for small farmers, and gradually promote the establishment of networks of production and marketing of organic fertilizer, really formed balance combined with planting and planting of a virtuous circle.

The scale of livestock breeding pollution control Ordinance enacted, will greatly improve the overall level of comprehensive utilization of livestock wastes in China, promote the harmony and unity of culture industry development and environmental protection, but also in the implementation process to solve practical problems.