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Most Chinese Cities Have Already Started The Equipment Manufacturers For Organic Fertilizer Subsidies!

Mingsin Machinery (Group) Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2016

Shanghai first organic fertilizer subsidies, fertilizer equipment, organic fertilizer production lines, organic fertilizer pellet machine, organic fertilizer production facilities. From the 2004 pilot unified purchase of 15,000 tons of organic fertilizer, after promoting the yearly increase in the number in 2009 to reach 160,000 tons, 2004-2008 market price of 400 Yuan/ton of organic manure, municipal subsidy standard 250 Yuan/ton, County subsidies increased by 50-100 Yuan/ton, on township based on the granting of subsidies, subsidies of 200 Yuan/ton 2009-2011. Jiangsu Province began in 2006 subsidies by provincial subsidy of 150 yuan per ton, the city subsidy of 50 Yuan; Beijing was introduced in 2007, subsidies, subsidy of 250 Yuan a tonne, organic fertilizer subsidies in 2008, starting in Shandong province, subsidy of 300 yuan per ton.

These data suggest that, most Chinese cities had begun for organic fertilizer manufacturer, various subsidies, and most of the major grower and local cooperatives, have influence because these organic fertilizer use accounts, can be achieved with the large enterprises small enterprises, and drive around the small farmers to use organic fertilizer.