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Organic Fertilizer Granulation Machine Range

Mingsin Machinery (Group) Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2016

Organic fertilizer pellet machine is suitable for light-weight fine powder and granules. Fine powder material elementary particles of finer particle sphericity and high balls better. General requirements for materials before the granulation size should be less than 200 mesh, typical items: chicken manure, manure, cattle manure, peat, clay, kaolin, etc.

On organic fertilizer and livestock manure waste class, heap composting class, green manure types, Hai fat classes, cake class, peat types, soil-mixed fertilizer three wastes, such as microbial fermentation of organic municipal solid waste fertilizer granulation of specificity, particles are irregular pellets. Organic fertilizer granulation qualified rate is over result, adapt to a variety of different formulas, the compressive strength of organic fertilizer above disc and drum, ball was less than 15%, particle size uniformity according to user requirements through native stepless speed adjustment. This machine is best suited for organic fertilizer fermentation direct granulation, and saving processes, significantly reducing manufacturing costs.