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Production Status And Developing Direction Of Organic Fertilizers In Rural Areas

Mingsin Machinery (Group) Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2016

With social economic of height development, rural life, and production level greatly improve, labor value increasingly high, as agricultural planting in the using of manure gradually exit history stage, instead of is industrialization production of, and efficient of chemical fertilizers, agricultural production to has efficient, and high yield of road, but for farm organic fertilizer of not reasonable eliminated, brings has is adverse of economic negative effect and environment negative effect, following on to Yubei area for cases to on rural organic fertilizer of eliminated reasons, and Current status and analysis of the recovery.

, Organic fertilizer out of reasons

1. organic fertilizer fertility of lower and rural labor cost rose produced has contradictions: Shang century 80 generation began, fertilizer of application basic achieved has agricultural mass production of needs, current more is occurred has capacity excess, and as rural production life produced of various human waste, and animal waste and crop residual body, only because life of need, only will has few of passive to transfer to field as fertilizer using, as composting, and manure, and ditch Tang NI fertilizer is basic disappeared, Because the fertilizers into the field will be collected using a lot of labor, from the perspective of economic loss, and this operation is currently not work machines to use.

2. rural living of improve makes villagers more not willing to engaged in organic fertilizer collection work, because this items work not only will consumption large of physical, and also is a items work environment is bad of, and is not "decent" of work, unless life by serious effect, no people willing to engaged in this work, as a village villagers, for the others clear toilet, clear pig manure, in face Shang hard decent, and corresponding of social service institutions, and service organization, and Professional Enterprise or professional self-employed also no formed.

Second, organic fertilizer eliminated unreasonable adverse consequences

1. organic fertilizer of not reasonable eliminated deterioration has soil structure, makes soil in the organic matter content fast reduced, soil pore degrees reduced, soil sandy, water insurance fertilizer capacity poor, crop resistance flood and drought disaster of capacity weakened, in wanbei area has obviously produced has drought frequency improve, drought cost increased of facts, agricultural water of increased led to this on insufficient of agricultural water more lack, further deterioration has agricultural production environment.

2. rural land soil nutrition components of lack: organic fertilizer of eliminated led to soil in the in the, and trace elements serious lack, these malignant of changes further led to soil in the useful microbial of reduced, soil on harmful material of degradation capacity weakened, according to so-called of "wood barrels theory" to analysis: soil in the in the, and trace elements of excessive reduced will serious limit some plant body organization, and organ or nutrition of formed, will reduced products production, reduced products quality, weakened crop of resistance capacity, further reduced products quality. Especially for vegetables and Chinese herbal medicines these has special function of biological products, due to current on they of research also far not like on wheat, and corn, bulk crop of research came in-depth, so for these crop need which elements as growth and synthesis nutrition, and drug components, currently also no clear of research conclusion, on each species crop are for fade in of research also not meet cost benefits corresponds to of principles. Organic fertilizer because it comes from biological production process itself, which crop required a large number of elements although rarely, but contain trace elements of many of them, this is determined by the principle of biological production and industrial production are different. For special crops need to grow "short Board elements", in the case where no adequate basis, farm organic fertilizer can be supplemented by the way to resolve this is a blind but very effective method. It's like if a problem cannot be solved through the anatomy and pathology of Western medicine, methods of traditional Chinese medicine may be used to deal with it. This method comes from experience, there is insufficient support, but we have a very effective role. And eliminate organic fertilizer is a serious waste of such resources.

3. unreasonable of manure eliminated undermined the production capacity of rural living environment. In current of rural, the home households are no longer set independent of life garbage stacked points, life produced of garbage mess threw mess put, pollution has rural environment, rural flow of animal produced of stool no collection, will with rain rushed into ditch Tang, together with field loss of fertilizer accumulated in ditch Tang in the, gradually fill buried live has ditch Tang, makes these ditch Tang while lost has water, and irrigation and drainage of function, while also makes these ditch Tang lost rural bath, and swimming, and fisheries farming of function, These Groove Tang lost the ability to further degrade harmful substances, these appalling effect undermining rural production and living conditions.

Three of organic fertilizers, rural development

1. speed up rural organic fertilizer of application technology research and application, a is speed up promotion rural organic fertilizer of harmless of processing technology application, like digester construction, toilet transformation, straw ammoniated processing technology,, these technology are has mature, Government Dang speed up promotion efforts, achieved organic fertilizer application of scale, in current special to put on planting, and farming large production of biological waste, and biological residual body as research focus, and Government of straw ban burn policy phase combined, built scale of processing facilities, Only by solving these problems, safeguards in the use of organic fertilizer at the same time, ensure the safety of agricultural products, protection of ecological environment of security. II is speed up organic fertilizer application of mechanized application aspects of technology research and promotion, like: through mechanized technology of application and promotion, reduced organic fertilizer of collection and processing cost, like research production for collection rural toilet stool of mechanical equipment, research production cleanup ditch Tang sludge of mechanical, research manufacturing applies Yu high temperature compost production application of mechanical equipment, only through mechanical technology of promotion, to effective reduced organic fertilizer of eventually application cost, The socio-economic organizations or individuals are engaged in the collection and processing of organic fertilizer will.

2. increased government input efforts: to improve agricultural production quality and benefits, purification ecological environment, improve rural life quality, Government Dang input reasonable of funds, for organic fertilizer of production and application, like on engaged in organic fertilizer of production, and collection, and processing, and research of enterprise or personal give economic subsidies or policy support, improve organic fertilizer related industry personnel of practitioners enthusiasm, makes they in economic Shang collection from, in face Shang decent, special to support some professional practitioners, equipped with dedicated mechanical equipment, An industrial scale, towards improving the quality of agricultural production, protection of the ecological environment at the same time, make it profitable to achieve sustainability in the development of organic fertilizer application.

3. increase the production of organic food, communication and management, and first prize for organic food production enterprises should be increased to help efforts to increase the efficiency of organic food production enterprises, reducing the price of organic food sales, so that the majority of people afford, while increasing management of organic food production processes to ensure that organic food really. Second, increasing the organic food propaganda to make people more aware of the advantages of organic food, change their consumption concept, made them from seeking diversification of varieties to the pursuit of quality and security direction and ultimately achieve organic food is more abundant, and public health more health goals, achieved in the direction of promoting the application of organic fertilizers from consumption.

4. rapid rural industrialization of organic fertilizer production. On an ongoing basis, expand the scale of industrial production of organic fertilizer, the industrialized production of organic fertilizer production enterprises to industrial production from organic manure gradually transition to organic agricultural production, because agricultural production of organic fertilizers have more raw materials, and low cost, sustainable development, with a wider and more development space.