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Turning Machine Plays A Role In The Production Process Of Organic Fertilizer?

Mingsin Machinery (Group) Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2016

Organic fertilizers equipment-turning machines can walk on the floor style turning machines and in a fermentation tank, working on tank turning two. Ground-turning machine, also known as self-turning machines, self-turning machines, walking-turning machine, Duo-turning machine. Also known as deep-groove turning machine turning, turning and polishing machine, today focused on the field-turning machine in the fermentation in the production of organic fertilizer application and benefits.

Production of organic fertilizer raw material is widely used, more often is that chicken manure, pig dung and cow dung manure. Such raw materials needed for fermentation, and then let it reach sound processing standards, thus further make organic fertilizer. Determine site good fermentation, fermentation needs of venues need to broaden the ground site needs a flat, so that it can be a lot of production.

Under normal circumstances, moisture of raw material is large, you need to add a certain proportion of dry ingredients to water regulation, straw, spent mushroom compost, etc. In chicken manure, for example, bars stacked on the ground chicken, sprinkle in raw material fermentation inoculum of organic manure dedicated, according to the size of water, amount of adding dry material/accessories, General materials: material is 3:1, width and height are determined according to the respective pile-up model. Hebi Wan Feng machine FD-2000 turning machines, for example, 2 m wide, height 0.8 m, length is determined in accordance with the length of the field.

Then turn chicken dung heap across the top, and even turning on raw material, mixing, crushing, strains of chicken manure and dry materials and mix thoroughly, turning machines and broken features, even chicken manure or dry accessories with large, turning under the effect of large open, can also be broken. Pile-up after the pile-up, formed a new Duo and the new body is the fluffy, loose State, materials fermentation creates a beneficial aerobic conditions are conducive to the production of organic fertilizer fermentation.

In this State, turning the pile up to a high temperature within 24 hours, keeping the body temperature 2-3 days before turning. This State has basically become fat in 7 days. High temperature, fecal bacteria in chicken, eggs can be killed, macromolecular protein protein breaks down into small molecules that help crops. Bio-fermentation process can effectively prevent waste hydrogen sulfide, gas, indole and other harmful, odor, remove the smell of chicken dung. With the heat, turning raw materials in the water will gradually reduce, the fermentation period is 12-15 days, fermentation is complete, you can take water to around 35%. Can continue to the next step of processing, screening, crushing, granulating and so on.

Fermented organic fertilizer semi-finished product is a Brown, dark brown, doesn't smell, a little ammonia odor. This organic fertilizer in the world, without fear of soil-borne diseases, nor burn root, organic fertilizer rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a comprehensive, more easily absorbed by the crops, long term application, will improve soil cracking, hardening, soil moisture conservation performance enhancement of soil, crop yield, quality has further improved.